holiday mood during move

There is truly no place like home for the holidays. And things can become even more complicated when you have to relocate to a new home in the height of the festive season. Relocating during the holidays can truly leave a person with torn emotions because on one hand, you are happy to have closed and moved into your spanking new home. On the other hand, there is a sentimental tie to the old home where many Christmases have been spent with friends and family.

In addition to that moving has proven to take its toll on a lot of people so one can only imagine the type of additional stress it could cause during the holiday season. Although holiday moving can be bittersweet it’s always best if one were to focus on the happier aspects of moving around this time of year.. For those who are set to move a week before Christmas, you should have all your items packed and labeled some two weeks in advance. This is to ensure that when the week before Christmas rolls around you would be literally living out of your luggage as you await the movers to pick up your household items.

The last week spent at your old home should be spent doing something fun and festive as you may not have the time to put together a traditional holiday celebration when you settle into your new home. Days before moving spend some time with your family as you indulge in some holiday activities. There is always something festive going on this time of year and quite a few cities host tree lighting events that people look forward to each year. All over your state, there are Christmas concerts. Holiday fairs and stage plays that you can also attend.

You can even enjoy a pre-Christmas dinner at your favorite restaurant and perhaps include a few friends and extended family to go along with you to make it even more memorable. Events such as these would definitely put you and your family in a festive mood and one that would lift your spirits and take your focus off the stress of moving. You can still plan on your traditional gift-giving for the holiday but moving experts advise that you purchase your gifts online and have them gift wrapped and shipped to those on your gift list rather than having the gifts sent to your home.

Not only are you eliminating the time that it would take to box and wrap the gift for your friends and family but it also saves you from moving into your new home with the extra loads of gift boxes. As you get into your new home remember that the most important thing for you and your family is to make sure that every household item is accounted for, relocated to the designated rooms and that there is still some time left over for you to rest and relax and enjoy your new home.

If you are to do any last minute Christmas decorating then you should try to keep it as simple as possible. You can choose to decorate the areas of your home that would be most frequented by guests. These may include the living room, the kitchen, foyer etc. A pre-decorated Christmas tree may save you time and would be the perfect companion to holiday wreaths on the walls and garlands on the stair-rail or on the fireplace mantel. Holiday-themed curtains and matching tablecloths with poinsettias on the window sill can truly transform a kitchen into a place that would be sure to get thumbs up from Santa.