moving to new neighborhood

There is nothing more gratifying than moving into a new home. After spending several stressful months preparing to move, getting situated into your new house can seem like the ultimate reward. But even as you spend your first few days designating and organizing all your rooms, the reality of being away from your friends and your old neighborhood would definitely kick in. If you have moved too far away from friends then it would be time for you to make new ones. For the shy person making friends or meeting with neighbors could be more of a challenge. Here are a few suggestions to get you out and fraternizing with new people in your new neighborhood.

If you have children, you would be surprised to know what little friend magnets your kids are. Whether it is a school, social event or even at the grocery store, you are almost guaranteed to have other parents come up and talk to you. After weeks of meeting up at the same places in your neighborhood, perhaps you two can start exchanging numbers and maybe carpool to these events. Not only would it save you both on gas when alternated, but it would also strengthen the friendship between the parents and the kids.

Another way in which you can grow your friend list is by becoming an active member of your child’s school and the PTA. You should volunteer regularly at the school and assist to organize and attend most of the events as well. Your involvement would put you in touch with other parents and put you at the crest of what is going on in your child’s life when they are not home.

Your personal hobbies can also lead you to new acquaintances who also share your interests. You can join the library in your neighborhood or enroll in a class where you would find people to network with. Of course, nothing beats knocking on your neighbor’s door and introducing yourself and your family to them. You would find that strong neighborly ties can commence a neighborly watch when either party is not home.

Finally, moving into a new neighborhood also requires that you familiarize yourself with the business places that are within your neighborhood. The last thing that you want to happen is for your car to start experiencing problems and you do not have a clue where the nearest service station is. Make the most of your weekends by getting a map and driving around your neighborhood with your family. Your drive could lead you to the locations of your favorite restaurants and even a few parks where you can go to spend some quality time with your family.

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