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Just when you think that all your stress is over after you have moved in, you realize that you still have some loose ends to tie up with your movers. One of the first things that you may want to dispute is the price that you have paid for the moving service especially if it turns out to be higher than what was originally quoted. Price hikes can happen if you signed up for a non-binding quote which would give the movers permission to increase the price as they see fit even after your first quote.

A moving company can increase their prices for several reasons. You may have to pay a few more hundreds of dollars if say you have moving restrictions at your new home or apartment such as a non-working elevator which would have the movers climbing several flights of stairs to deliver your household items. In addition, in the case of a long distance move, the moving company may not have access to certain roadways and this too can incur extra charges. Of course, in worse case scenarios the acts of God are also considered reasons to increase the price.

There is really nothing that you can do at this stage but to pay what you owe; on the next move, you can go for a binding quote or a not to exceed quote which means that the movers are bound by the initial price that they quote you no matter the circumstances that follow.

After the move, make sure that you properly inspect your household items to ensure that there aren’t any damages. If you do find damages to your goods, inform the moving company after you have taken photos of the damage. Have the moving company send out a representative to check your damaged items; you could be compensated if the damaged items are not in the boxes that you package.

Should the moving company be responsible for the damage, they would more than likely try to repair your items rather than purchase new ones. For items that were shipped from one state to another and got damaged in the process then you can file a dispute with the moving carrier or provide a written arbitration request. In that request, you must provide information about the carrier as regards to their motor carrier number, the date that shipment was made, destination and the value of the claim as well.

Remember arbitration should be the final step when both the carrier and moving companies deny your damage claims. For those reading this who are scheduled to move soon, try to also take photos of your household items even before you move so that if there are any damages after the move you can show the court the before and after photos which would be considered strong evidence that would be hard to beat.