register to vote

If you are planning to move soon to another state, you probably would have already given an advance notice of the moving day to the utility company and the cable and phone companies so that they can disconnect your services. You probably would have notified your personal doctor as well so that he can provide you with your up-to-date health information so that you can take to another doctor in the new state.

One of the more crucial documents that most forget about attending to is that of voter’s registration. There is no doubt about it that the voting season is heavily in the air in some states and they are battling with the steady rate that people are relocating their homes. If you are one of those planning to move out of your present state to another, then you would need to update your voter registration in order to be able to vote. What makes this information so important is that it would give you an opportunity to make a difference in the particular town or state that you may move to when voting time comes around. Just how does one go about changing their voting information when moving to another state?

One of the first things that you may have to do is to get registered which would give you an opportunity to vote. Once you get to your new state, you should pay a visit to your local town hall informing them that you have moved from another state. They would supply you with a form where you would put the necessary information that they need. Next, you have to get the necessary paperwork where you can indicate that you are planning to move out of state.

The updating form is usually available at the town hall in your area but if you cannot get to their office for some reason then you can contact the organization called US Election Assistance Commission (EAC). In operation since 1992, this organization makes it quite easy for one to update their voter’s information minus the running around.

With the advent of the Internet which makes most communication run so smoothly, the organization gives you an opportunity to update your registration information either via the Internet by submitting online forms which are provided or by printing and snail-mailing in the information as well. The EAC can be easily found online at and there one would find a long list of information about updating their registration.